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I watch the Top 100 (ish) Movies of All Time on the American and British Film Institute lists and tell you about it. 

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About the Host

Originally from the South Jersey area, Valerie A. Higgs is a Washington, D.C.-based pianist & Music Director. Website here!

Valerie has loved movies her entire life, and the first movies that made a huge impression on her at a young age are Gone with the Wind, The Wizard of Oz, and Lawrence of Arabia.  She is a big fan of Turner Classic Movies, movie musicals (Fred and Gene in particular), foreign films, Westerns, and interestingly, horror movies.

You would have thought she would have come up with the idea of watching all of the movies on the AFI and BFI greatest of all-time lists during the COVID-19 Quarantine, but since she was a child, she has always wanted to do a countdown that would eventually end with Citizen Kane.  

Each season, Valerie will watch films from the AFI and BFI Greatest Films of All Time and create an episode about the latest movie she watched.  She is not a film student nor in the film industry.  All opinions are her own.



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