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2023 Academy Award Best Picture Nominee: Tar

Synopsis: Well-lauded and internationally-known conductor Lydia Tar is accused of inappropriate behavior and faces the consequences.

The credits finished rolling and I want to get this one out while it's still fresh.

Cate Blanchett was as awesome as I expected. I've watched my share of Cate Blanchett movies, so the fact that she was awesome comes as no surprise. She has been a fairly consistent presence on the big screen.

If she wins the award for Best Actress, I won't be surprised. She killed it.

I vaguely knew what the plot was, so I wasn't really surprised by some turns of events. And I have definitely learned my lesson after seeing The Phantom Thread - things aren't going to stay high-brow for long.

Because of my musical background, I was happy to say that I kept up. In a parallel universe, I would have been - well, the accompanist for the Elgar audition. I never had aspirations to be a conductor, but the original plan was to be a concert pianist.

Well-shot and authentic, I enjoyed Tar. Best Picture? It's certainly a contender, but I would be surprised if it won.

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