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2023 Academy Award Nominee for Best Picture: Avatar - The Way of Water

Sadly, I didn't see this one.

You know how you have that one movie that you can't see by yourself because your significant other would be annoyed/mad/disappointed that you left them out? This is that movie. I'm going out of town to see family this weekend, so I will have to miss it. I will check the movie out at a later date, so look out for a future post.

I will predict that James Cameron will at least win for best effects or makeup or anything in that general area.

Was Avatar: The Way of Water worthy of an Oscar nomination? Sight unseen... probably. Will it win the prize? Probably not. I would be surprised.

In the meantime, I will be live Tweeting on Sunday night during the big show. I will also have two special podcast episodes next week: Monday evening - a post-mortem of the Oscar presentation. Then the following Thursday will be my thoughts on the Best Music (Score) nominees and the winner.

Don't forget to turn your clocks back!

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