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Avatar: Way of the Water

[Spoilers] Years have passed since the Na'vi successfully fought for Pandora. Jack Sully and Neytiri have grown a family and adopted Kiri, the daughter of Dr. Grace Augustine, and "Spider", the son of slain Colonel Miles Quaritch. The "Sky People" come back, led by the avatar of Quaritch (who has all of his memories except his death), expressly for revenge on the Na'vi - and on Jake in particular. Sully and his family hide amongst the Metkayina, an oceanic Na'vi clan located on Pandora's reefs on the Eastern Sea.

Don't read any further if you don't want spoilers.

As promised, I finally watched Avatar: The Way of the Water.

It's lovely (visually). James Cameron and his team did a great job on the animation. It looks authentic, and they built a beautiful world.

I watched from home, which wasn't ideal, but I'm glad I did. I checked out several times. Again, it's a fairly predictable story. Teenagers are involved, so there are moments of peer pressure and lamentations about not fitting in. The phrase "I want to go home" was used. Twice. The phrases "You're the oldest - you should know better", "You brought this to us, "We will draw him out" was also used.

There were fight scenes, chase scenes, and gunfire. The Colonel is just as one-dimensionally evil as his human counterpart. There are a lot of growls, howls, grunts, and hisses. Zoe Saldana howl-cried. Several times.

I missed how Quaritch had a kid on Pandora - I'm going to have to go back because I'm very curious about who would have had sex with that hateful character. He's almost too evil. And for what?

How many ways can one family be in peril? Captured, re-captured, almost killed several times, and almost drowned several times. My god, I'm exhausted just writing it.

I also am not thrilled with the probable setup for the planned second sequel. I'm guessing they will run into either the desert Na'vi or the snow Na'vi to hide from what's coming next.

The animation was seamless, and the movie deserved the Best Visual Effects Oscar. It looks fantastic.

Best Picture? Nah. But I understand how it got nominated.

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