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Updated Watch List

I think I'm a bit obsessed with this challenge.

On the one hand, that means that I will stay consistent. On the other hand, I need to sit down at the piano and practice.

I combined the AFI and BFI lists to see what was duplicated. There are 179 total movies, so it turns out I won't be watching 200 movies. That's totally fine - the amount of movies really isn't the point.

Most of the duplicates do not come as a surprise to me. Casablanca, Vertigo, Citizen Kane, Taxi Driver.

For me, the biggest surprise on both lists is Do the Right Thing. Not that it isn't a great movie, but for some reason I didn't expect it to show up on the British list.

I'm looking forward to watching that one again.

I also noticed that I saw 73 out of 100 movies on the AFI list already, so it will be kind of fun to re-watch those movies with a more critical eye, and in some cases, with the mind of an adult.

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